A few weeks ago I set out to find the ten best songs from Christmas episodes on TV. But I didn’t want to go and make a list of classics that have made it into regular rotation. I was looking for the somewhat sarcastic Christmas songs, the funny songs, the light hearted songs that, while poking fun of Christmas, still embraced the season. I couldn’t find ten. At least not ten good enough to make it into the Tin God Christmas Playlist.

What does it take to make it good enough to be on the playlist? Not much, but they had to be original to the TV series, they couldn’t take themselves too seriously, and they had to be worth listening to more than once. So, without further ado, I present my list of the ten 6 best TV Christmas Songs (in no particular order):


For Holiday’s of all faiths.


Every single day is Christmas day!
(ok, this was from a movie, but a movie that was based on a TV show and sort of just a long episode of Monty Python, so I’m counting it)


All I know is that Santa’s sleigh is heading to the USA.


Is this a bit?


It’s back to work on Xmas eve!
(sorry there’s no video, this one had the best audio)


All the screaming and the torture stop and we wait for ol’ Saint Nick!
(yeah, the video doesn’t do much, but refer once again to the audio)


I didn’t want to use two songs from the same series, but Community over-awesomed Christmas songs. So they get two songs

If the fat man can see me it’s gotta look right.

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