Welcome to Week 2 of the Tin God Newsreel. For those of you who missed last week (which can be found here) the Newsreel is simply a handful of stories I’ve selected from the weeks news that I have some sort of opinion on. Usually an uninformed and biased opinion. Enjoy!

1. Perry’s “Oops,” Cain’s “Manly Pizza,” and what’s the third thing?

Prepare for the coup of the century

Ok, so I laughed at Rick Perry. It was funny. But I didn’t think it was the funniest thing ever. And while the Daily Show was getting “Joy Boners” over it I was contemplating why every comedian in the US has embraced it so much. From a comedy stand point it did have everything: a high power politician running for president, massive awkwardness, the unexpectedness of it all, and the feeling the moderators were sort of screwing with him by the end of it. Add in Ron Paul trying to help and it was just pure silliness. Maybe I just lost my sense of humor, on paper this is hilarious. I guess I mostly just expect GOP candidates to say ridiculous things and to try to make up their policies on the spot, which seemed to be the case there. And a part of me dies every time that happens. Because, funny or not, these people have a legitimate chance of running the country. And that freaks me out.

But I don’t begrudge people their joy boners. And if you haven’t seen the SNL take on it, you can find it here along with an analysis of the moment by John Harwood, one of the moderators at the debate.

Herman Cain is still battling sexual harassment charges. His numbers are starting to drop a little, at least according to Politico.com. Seems like he’s still in this race though, despite the fact that he hasn’t gotten away from the whole “sexist asshole” image of himself. He called Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi “Princess Nancy,” he joked about getting an endorsement from Clarence Thomas accusor Anita Hill, and a third thing…what was it? Oh yeah, he said this: “A manly man don’t want it piled high with vegetables! He would call that a sissy pizza.”

2. De-Occupy Wall Street

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The government is cracking down on OWS camps across the nation. Occupiers were evicted from the Portland, OR camp on Sunday, elsewhere: a couple dozen were arrested in New York, 19 in Utah, and one for sexual assault in Pennsylvania.

The people in the middle of all of this are the police. Seen as the bad guys by some, the good guys by others, or simply people doing their jobs, the police haven’t had the greatest luck with dealing with the protests. An interesting article on Slate.com relates some of the difficulties the police have had. They even lay out some simple rules for the protestors to avoid problems with the police, which I’ll repeat here: “1) don’t hurt yourself or others, 2) don’t shut down the city, 3) don’t antagonize the police, and 4) no surprises”

The police work for the city, not for the individual tax payers. And they are going to act when provoked or when given orders. That’s what they do. This is a battle that started on the streets, and it makes sense that the police would be involved, but its an issue that is going to have to be resolved through talking and politics.

OWS needs some spokespeople. An amorphous glob of people spread out all over the country is going to get attention, but it’s not going to get results. I certainly don’t want to be a spokesman for the group, but there has to be someone out there that thinks they can take on that role. And if you are that person, don’t wait for people to come to you and ask, just start getting out there and talking on behalf of your brethren. Someone has to do it.

And Big Bird is just a corporate shill

3. Supreme Court to find out if it really was a Big Fucking Deal

In March the Supreme Court is going to hear on the Health Care bill, otherwise known as Obamacare. Apparently it may not have been entirely “legal.” It’s been a battle going on in the courts since it was passed, and it’s gone through all the appeals it needs to in order to be heard by the Supreme Court. Once they rule on it, it’s over. One way or the other.

I am nowhere near well versed enough in the law to know if this is going to be shot down or if it will stand. There is also a chance that part of it will remain and part will go. Of course it may come down more to politics, at least according to this article from Slate.com (yes, I like Slate. Deal with it). And with five Republican justices who tend to favor conservative outcomes to cases, this one might be in the bag for the GOP.

The question to ask yourself now is if you think you can handle another health care debate. Remember the last time?

Yeah… that will be fun.

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